About Us


A look at Clayton Westlake

Welcome to Clayton Westlake Senior Residences. Our brand new, family owned complex was built with you in mind. Throughout our building process, every design and amenity decision was made imagining your retired life style here. From our one-story campus and storm shelters, to a variety of amenities in between....you too, will find yourself picturing your home here. 

Located on the outer edge of a quiet residential neighborhood, our cozy setting offers three different home styles to choose from and many gathering areas to visit with friends and neighbors or sit back and enjoy a movie.


Our Mission

You've been looking at Senior Independent Living Communities and you've been asking yourself, "what does my retired, self-sufficient, lifestyle look like?" Here at Clayton Westlake, we see this as, "your time" independent living. You have lived, raised, worked, built, care-taken, and your journey to this fabulous time in your life has been eventful. Now you're ready to relax, and live as you wish. 



As you begin to picture yourself here at Clayton Westlake, you will also see the value of living here. We take pride in being a small family owned community, allowing everyone the opportunity to get to know their neighbors and staff around them. 

Your monthly remittance includes utilities, basic cable, meals in our restaurant style dining room, light housekeeping, storm shelters, transportation, activities, and many more awesome amenities! 

Our Partners